The guy who creates all the visual magic. A multimedia generalist who just loves to do cool audio-visual stuff and is profound in many areas such as: Editing, Compositing, VFX, Sound and Motion Graphics. A graduate of Bournemouth University with a Bachelors degree in Digital Media, and a Masters degree in Digital Effects. Knows AE, PS, Nuke, Premiere, Vegas, Houdini, a bit of C4D and many more. Loves video games and can practically kick your ass in Tekken. Music is his passion and he makes beats in free time. You'll find him on google by the same name everywhere.


We do almost everything that ad business challenges us with, but our main strength lies within visuals that are driven by sound: music videos, abstract and stylized 2D motion graphics, editing that is inspired by the musical track... etc.

We offer:
Creative and qualified services within motion graphics, promotional videos, 2D, 3D visual effects and video game design for local and international clients.